Julian Simpson

Sweet Billy Pilgrim

I have a long working relationship with this band, which started because my wife is a member. Over the course of their last few albums (from "Crown and Treaty" to "Wapentak") we have collaborated on photoshoots, music videos and album art. Tim Elsenburg has also written and performed the scores to all three seasons of my "Lovecraft Investigations" podcast and is currently working on the score for the upcoming "Temporal" audio series which I am making.

Just Above Midtown

This is a good taste of the band, and of the work I do with them. This video was a solo-job; I shot, edited and graded it myself, using a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera (with a set of 1960s Nikon lenses), Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. The idea was to show a song from inception, through rehearsal and into performance. We also wanted to show the band coming together for the latter half, so I shot them in situ initially, at home, at work and on a weekend break in Vienna. The final performance is a mix of live footage taken in Hoxton and a synced-performance that we managed to fit in while they were sound-checking. I think we calculated the total cost of this video at about £30!

Because of the pandemic, I haven't done anything with the band for a while. The last time we got together, we made a video for the single "Asking For A Friend" and did an accompanying photoshoot. I think I was using a Nikon D850 for the photos, and then processing the images using an old wet-plate black and white simulation to give it the pictures a slightly grungy vintage feel.

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These are always tricky. You're trying to say something more than "this is what the musicians look like"

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