Julian Simpson

Who is Julian Simpson?

I'm a London based writer-director, working in film, TV and audio, and I'm a director of a creative-led production entity called Storypunk (entity sounds better than company, doesn't it?)  What I am not is a professional photographer and I have no aspirations to be.This site does not exist to get me work and you can't hire me to take photos. I just love photography and enjoy experimenting with different cameras, media and ideas. 
This site is the place where I put the photos I like, for whatever aesthetic or personal reason I like them. I hope you enjoy looking at them and reading the bits and pieces I post here. I have another site, called the INFODUMP, which is a kind of scrap book of ideas and inspiration and there is an accompanying, infrequent, newsletter that goes with that.
There is also a "hub" site that connects to other stuff to do with me. It's probably a bit out of date because I haven't checked it in ages, but it's at juliansimpson.uk

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