Julian Simpson


This site is intended to be a perpetual work-in-progress. I'm not "a photographer", but I do like taking pictures, and this is the place where I keep the ones I like. If anything, this collection probably best represents someone desperately searching for a style. (Wherein "style" is defined as "making the same mistakes over and over again" - I seem to make different mistakes each time at the moment)

Here you'll find a collection of galleries, the odd photo-essay and the occasional blog post. I'll keep adding to it as I go, and I hope you find something you like here. If you want to know more about me, head to the aptly named "Who is Julian Simpson?" page.

Black and White playlist
Landscape Experiments
Reality Bleeds In Los Angeles, 2020
Adventures in Film
Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Amsterdam 2018
California 2017
Paris 2016
California 2016
Paris 2014
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